We are on a mission to reduce waste.

It’s quite simple really, reducing waste is good for the environment. We like things that are good for the environment.

Our product is proven to reduce waste. Sprinkling some AI on top and the patterns that will emerge using the Neverbin WasteTracker® will let you make informed decisions. That will in turn make stocking less of a guess work and the one ordering more of a workplace oracle. We call that a swinn-win situation (you’ll have to ask Jens about that one).

Neverbin WasteTracker®

Constantly checking expiry dates on all products requires a lot of time and personnel. Neverbin WasteTracker® is a super easy cloud-based service that helps minimise waste. Instead of goods ending up in the trash, it gives value, time and money back to you, and at the same time, saves valuable resources for our planet.

No expired products on shelves

Time saved checking expiration dates

Reduced waste

Increased sales in your store

WasteTracker® is a subscription service that is paid monthly without a binding period, no hidden costs. The service is downloaded as an app and works on all mobile devices.

Neverbin WasteTracker

About Neverbin

We are a bunch of tech-savvy people with decades of experience helping companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With a strong focus on business and software development we believe we will reach our goal of making the world a bit better. We’d love to do it together with you.

Contact us​

Reach out to Martin or Jens for any questions regarding the service or pricing. 

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Our office is located at Lindholmen Science Park (Lindholmspiren 3B, 417 56 Gothenburg) in Sweden, a perfect environment and arena to develop the best WasteTracker available. Here we are working together with several of Sweden’s foremost development projects, focusing on tomorrow’s digital services.